Privacy policy

Sumika Chemtex Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Sumika Chemtex") is aware of the importance of protecting personal information in advanced information and communication society and considers proper management of personal information as its important social responsibility. From this perspective, Sumika Chemtex herein provides "Privacy Policy" on the web site based on the "Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information" of Sumika Chemtex, and operates and manages the web site that you can use with a sense of security. This Privacy Policy applies to the case that you provide your personal information through the web site operated and managed by Sumika Chemtex. However, when you provide your personal information, if anything particular to the contrary to this Privacy Policy provided, such provision shall supersede this Privacy Policy.

If you do not want to provide your personal information, you may refuse to do so at your own discretion. In this case, please note that you may not be able to use the services available on the web site of Sumika Chemtex.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information under this Privacy Policy refers to the information that identifies you as an individual, including name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address provided by you through the web site operated and managed by Sumika Chemtex.

Intended Use of Personal Information

Sumika Chemtex collects personal information by lawful and appropriate means and notifies or announces the intended purpose to you. Unless agreed by you or otherwise stipulated by law, the personal information will not be used for any purpose other than notified or announced to you.

Management of Personal Information

Sumika Chemtex is committed to ensuring and improving security for safe management of your personal information.
We strictly manage handling of the personal information provided and never provide it to any third party without due cause except in the cases provided as follows.

  1. In the case that we have your consent
  2. We may outsource services related to the operation of this web site or the use and management of your personal information, etc. In this case, we will strictly supervise and manage handling of your personal information.
  3. We may provide your personal information to a third party to the extent necessary, depending on types and contents of the inquiries or services of your request. In this case, we will advise you of that effect on the web site of Sumika Chemtex, or by other means to gain your approval.
  4. In the case that urgency is required to protect human life, human right, or safety of property, or we need to cooperate in the requests according to the law from public institutions such as judicial organs and police, and otherwise comply with laws, we may provide your personal information without notifying you of that effect.

Personal Information of You at the Age of 13 and Under

If you are at the age of 13 and under, obtain the consent of your parent before you provide your personal information.


In order for you to view the web site of Sumika Chemtex more conveniently when you visit the web site again and such, data called as cookie may be sent to your computer and recorded on the hard disk. A cookie is not what identifies you as an individual. You can refuse to receive such data by changing the setting of your Internet browsing software (browser), however please note that this may prevent you from using the web site normally.

Precautions on Risks of Information Leak due to the Nature of Internet

In the processes of sending and receiving information via Internet or e-mail, the information may be intercepted by and leaked to a third party due to the nature of Internet. Please be fully aware of the risks.

Collection of Information on Access

Sumika Chemtex may collect information (such as your IP address) on your access and use of our services including this web site. We use collected information to manage and operate this web site in a proper and secure manner, and promote improvement of services which we provide you with, including prevention of illegal access, identification of causes and restoration of equipment in case of failure of equipment such as servers. We never use or disclose such information as being related to your personal information in any event.

Protection of Personal Information on the Linked Site

This web site may be set to link to other web sites. For handling of personal information on the linked web sites, check the individual sites. Sumika Chemtex does not assume any responsibility for the handling of personal information on the web site of any other business operator than Sumika Chemtex or individual person

Change of this Privacy Policy

Sumika Chemtex may change this Privacy Policy according to the revisions of laws and such.