Division profile

Division profile

Dyestuffs and Specialty Chemicals Division

Dyestuffs Group

Dyestuffs Group handles many types of world-class textile dyes including high-performance dyes, which we originally developed taking advantage of dye synthesis and dyeing applied technologies long fostered by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., and distinguished commodity dyes which have been traditionally and frequently used. Focusing on selling "environmentally-friendly and safe" products, we offer various safety data including SDS and a comprehensive range of technical services such as technical consulting.
As our main products, we sell SUMIFIX®, a series of reactive dyes for cellulose fiber, SUMIKARON®, a series of disperse dyes for polyester fiber, and others, which are manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Dyestuffs and Specialty Chemicals Division

Ion-exchange Resin Group

Ion-exchange Resin Group handles "DUOLITE®," a series of ion-exchange resins and "Sumichelate®," a series of chelate resins. Duolite® is a series of ion-exchange resin products supplied by ROHM AND HAAS JAPAN K. K. (A Dow Chemical Group Company).
Ion-exchange resins and chelate resins are used in a wide variety of applications including not only production of soft, pure, and ultrapure water, but also purification and decolorization of various process solutions and recovery and wastewater treatment of catalysts for chemical reactions and noble metals.

Dyestuffs and Specialty Chemicals Division

Specialty Chemicals Group

Specialty Chemicals Group deals in dyestuffs(SUMIPLAST®) and additives (SUMISORB®, a series of light stabilizers and SUMILIZER®, a series of antioxidants) for plastics.

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Functional Polymers Division

VAE Emulsions Group

VAE Emulsions Group handles "SUMIKAFLEX®" and "SUMIELITE®" which are ethylene copolymer water base emulsions. While the ethylene copolymer resin is excellent for internal plasticizing effect and has good affinity for nonpolar materials such as plastics, it has excellent resistance to water and alkalis. For these reasons, the ethylene copolymer resin is used in a wide range of applications including various adhesive materials.
"SUMIKAFLEX®" and "SUMIELITE®" are water base emulsions, which are chemically stable and compatible with various emulsions, plasticizers, and lubricants, as well as excellent in mechanical stability with good workability. We provide wide varieties of emulsions which you can use in widespread applications, making the best use of their features in such many applications.

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New Business Development Team

New Business Development Team solves a wide variety of problems about adhesion presented by customers. We work on any problems in any areas, using success cases in the past and knowledge from around the world. Let's try developing the "world's first" adhesive solution with us!