Functional Polymers Division, Emulsions Group

The Emulsions Group handles water base emulsions "Sumikaflex®" and "Sumielite®" composed of various ethylene copolymer resins, taking advantage of the know-how long cultivated by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. in the field of polymer chemistry. The purposes of using ethylene as copolymerized monomer are listed as follows.

  • Ethylene has an excellent plasticizing effect as internal plasticizing monomer.
  • A wide variety of polymer design with various sorts of copolymerized monomer introduced is possible.
  • Ethylene has excellent water proof and alkaline resistance.
  • It has excellent weather resistance, too.
  • It has good affinity for non-polarity materials such as plastics and synthetic fabrics.

In the Sumikaflex® series, we provide water base emulsions of various polymer compositions including ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resins as well as ternary copolymer resins composed of ethylene, vinyl acetate, and vinyl chloride, and acrylic ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resins.

Sumielite® is a series of water base emulsions composed of ethylene-vinyl chloride copolymer resins.

Films formed from Sumikaflex® are highly adhesive, adequately strong and elastic, and excellent particularly in resistance to alkalis and water, and durability because of its unique polymer structure. Films formed from Sumielite® are highly transparent and glossy and have excellent resistance to water, solvents, and alkalis as well as superior gas barrier property and durability. Along with these characteristics, the most distinctive characteristic is its high flame retardance.

Representative Applications